Mini Shirt “Straight Outta Venice”


$2.99 each
$2.33 each for 3 to 12 units. Includes Free USPS 1st Class Shipping
$2.00 each for 12 units or more. Includes Free USPS 1st Class Shipping



Straight from the boardwalk of Venice California the FreshandWipe air freshener with 100% microfiber and ocean inspired Seabreeze Fragrance reminds you of the blue Pacific. The terrific fragrance last for 30 days, while the microfiber mini shirt fabric removes fingerprints and grime from navigation and cell phone screens for 6 months. The “Straight Outta Venice” FreshandWipe air freshener is our first but not last city themed air freshener. Use the easy on and off elastic hanger to display the mini shirt air freshener from the control stalks in your vehicle. Collect the whole series of FreshandWipe air fresheners in all of our great colors. Or, make a value purchase of multiple FreshandWipe air fresheners to share with friends. “FreshandWipe, The Clear Choice” in air fresheners.


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