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We are a California based product development firm specializing in patented innovative solutions for the tech sector community.

Coper-Product Company Information

Our Team is comprised of a very talented team of motivated people that all share one thing: Product Innovation!

Cooper Product Corporation, the world's innovator in automotive microfiber air fresheners, is founded by Christopher Cooper, an American entrepreneur. The company was created by Mr. Cooper, a Los Angeles firefighter who specializes in safety, production and innovation, in 2012.

Cooper Product conceives, develops, tests, perfects and creates a series of fun, safe and useful products for general personal and professional use in companies' and people's everyday lives.

The Los Angeles, California-based company currently exports each new, innovative product from three fulfillment centers. Cooper Product is dedicated to the highest standards and committed to achieving excellence in everything we do. The company spirit is quality, can-do optimism. Our purpose is to create the best product with perfection, pride and enjoyment. Cooper Product's objective is to meet and exceed industry standards of excellence and improve everyone's life.

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