Our Fresh Smelling Club was designed to keep your car, home, office or gym smelling clean. You enroll for a 12 month period, enjoy the benefits of the annual subscription and in return receive season inspired air fresheners every other month.

Join now and start enjoying the benefits of club membership. A fresh smelling car with a really cool microfiber cleaner for the infotainment screen.

  • Subscribers enroll for a 12 month period, participate as an annual subscriber and in return receive seasonal inspired air fresheners every other month (6 shipments). The frequency of the mailing schedule is based on the effective 2 month lifespan of the air fresheners.
  • Subscribers receive special pre-release of the product before the general public, along with limited edition releases. During the subscribers birthday month the member will receive an upgraded air freshener such as the Mini Shoe or Mini Shirt.
  • During the first year of operation into the subscription club members receive a welcome Mini Shirt air freshener.

First time members will also receive a welcome Mini Shirt air freshener along with...

  • 12 club inspired microfiber air fresheners.
  • 10% off on all air fresheners on our website.
  • FREE Shipping on all orders. (Continental USA)
  • Special mailing during members' Birthday month
  • Early notifications of air freshener models.
  • Microfiber air fresheners arrive every other month, so your car or home always smells fresh.
  • Opportunity to assist with the design of upcoming releases.
  • No additional fees, no commitment, cancel anytime. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed